Renovation Loan Fund is a hard money lender in New Jersey that provides funds to real estate investors, property flippers, and home owners who are in need of fast affordable funding for their renovations, flips, or constructions projects.


Our goal for Renovation Loan Fund was to develop a lead generation campaign that would attract the right type of borrowers, and filter out those who are not the right fit for hard money lending.

In order to help Renovation Loan Fund see substantial growth and attract the right clientele, we created a Google AdWords campaign in order to boost Renovation Loan Find to the top of the google search results. We did this by using certain key words like “hard money loans”, “renovation loans” and “real estate loans” and targeting a certain demographic in specific areas. This allowed RLF to skyrocket to the top 3 results on Google resulting in increased web traffic and lead generation.

In addition to AdWords, we deployed a Facebook ads campaign targeting a very specific target audience in key locations. We created a visually engaging ad that was able to drive over 1,000 leads to the website at a cost of just $0.31 per click.


  • Helped Renovation Loan Fund consistently be in the top 3 results on Google despite competitors outspending us on ad spend.
  • Helped Renovation Loan Fund get over 500 website visitors per month up from the 0 they had when we first met.